DF’s 50 years Celebration ( Chapter 2 ! )

Thanks for the feedback  …I just can’t get the face book thing going very well so have to resort to BLOGGING   !

Well you heard my  speech on Saturday night…. I do not have natural computer skills                OMG

Hey Jen  , I did write that you were the noisest group but I wrote it with a lot of love     xxx   and your singing is nearly as good as Fiona’s.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sandie Van… thanks for your message  ANd i still have the beautiful pewter cup that you and Lloyd gave me at my 25 years celebration       you had it engraved  ….. ”  To the first 25 years ”   Thanks

That was a great floorshow at the Freo Town Hall…..glad I was not in that photo…….. we  or you all danced to “In the Mood ”  to a live band   and I was conducting the band   . I think it was an Army Ball

Speaking of  bands,  I have fond memories of Adrienne’s dad , Jim. he had a band and played for some of my cabarets at the studio. He was a lovely man and always an great supporter of DFDS events

Thanks Paul  and I still have all those same photos,  at the moment all strewn around my house in preparation for last Saturday night  The boys tried to help with the memorabilia board but of course did not know who was who

Anna has taken some great shots…especially the “horizontal lift ”  …I am going to try and add that now

Keep looking for me on facebook   LOL