I am very shy and concerned about going to new places. Do you think I will feel self conscious?

All members of your class will be beginners and our staff are aware that many pupils may feel shy and nervous. Our teachers are experienced in teaching and our programs have been very succesful.

What will I learn?

Dances necessary for cabarets, weddings, balls and all social dance functions. The dances are defined in the many courses available. Dances also for exams & competitions if required.

When are the classes ?

All details on this website. Please give Daele a call if unsure.

If I can't attend a class do I still have to pay the fee?

No. It is a small problem when pupils miss a lesson, but a percentage of every class is revision. Whilst we do not charge the fee if you are absent : we do however stress the importance of attending every class and hope that all pupils endeavour to do so.