And Still The 50 Year Celebration Goes On !

Well, my dear friend Chris has come up with great suggestions over many years and we have worked together on various numerous productons and events BUT his pushing me to celebrate my “Teaching Ballroom Dancing Full Time for 50 Years”   has been his absolute best for me.

I have blogged about this previously , and initially I was not that keen to celebrate this occasion as I have passed  a few milestones in my life.    But Chris persuaded me to  have a big party at DFDS and we had a ball.

First of all it was to be one party on June 1st,……. then we extended it to the month of June when we had a Family Cabaret…….. Adult  Class Party…………..Childrens Class Party   and    of course a birthday party. and many  coffees and catch ups.

Since then many many former clients have contacted me and last Saturday I had a wonderful surprise.                As I was leaving the studio a family arrived… parents and  their 2 adult children with their families…….  11 people in total… they were all very much dressed up.

The “T” family had moved to Melbourne many years ago and were back in Perth for a family wedding and had gone to the trouble of dropping in to the studio on the way to the reception . Armed with flowers and a bottle of Moet  for me it was a lovely surprise to see them and heartwarmimg to hear them recall the happy times they enjoyed at DFDS.

Terry told the tale of whenever a child told me  they didn’t  feel well at the studio    I quickly asked    ” Do you feel sick in the head or the stomach ”   If they answered in the head I would say  ” Just sit quietly and you will be ok ” If they answered in the stomach I would grab them and rush them out to the car park and garden.

Gosh I did not realize everyone knew about that…..but in my defence  … who wants a vomitter in the studio. ?

AND I still do that to this very day..

I think I will extend the celebrations through to December ….. if I had known it was this much fun I would have done it much much  sooner        !   …….LOL

Take care everyone

Daele                  for CV  xxxoo