Daele Fraser Dance Review article celebrating 50 years teaching ballroom dancing fulltime

Congratulations Daele on celebrating 50 years teaching ballroom dancing fulltime. Daele Fraser ballroom dancing     We would like to extend our congratulations to Daele, a quiet achiever, who has run a very successful dance studio and worked in an honorary position for the dance industry for 50 years in June 2013. Daele competed very successfully as an Amateur and Professional and in turn has trained hundreds of couples for competition dancing; many winning State, Australian Championships and representing Australia. Daele commenced teaching at Wrightson Dance Studio and has been running her own studio for 41 years and she has training thousands of pupils for exams and social dancing. She has also taught and lectured extensively throughout Asia. Daele has hosted many televisions dance shows and has adjudicated in over 30 countries around the world. She has been Australia’s representative adjudicator at 10 WDSF World Championship events and is once again going to represent Australia in the Czech Republic in November 2013. Whilst the above achievements are many and commendable it is the honourary work and fundraising for her DFDS dancers that we are eternally grateful for. Daele attended the very first ADB meeting in Perth in 1964 and has continually been an active member of the ADB and DSA, holding office as both secretary and chairman on occasions. She is a Life Member of Dance Masters International Association and is currently President. Daele has co organised the South Pacific and Asian Pacific Championships with Mr Robert Wrightson OAM and has been organiser of the WA Open Dancesport Championships for 27 years. Daele has trained Formation Teams to win state and national titles and fundraised for teams to travel interstate and overseas. Her “ Goodwill Tours “ have been astounding successes with support from the WA Government. These tours were by invitation from local professional teachers with the aim of promoting goodwill and ballroom dancing in their country. Daele is the only Australian to be receive an award from the Malaysian Government for outstanding efforts in promoting Goodwill throughout Malaysia. Daele organised 6 “Goodwill Tours “ 2 to Singapore, 3 to Malaysia and 1 to Indonesia. Daele has raised over $650.000 for airfares and accommodation etc. to be able to take us to dance and perform at wonderful events in different countries. We have been involved in Daele’s studio for 32 years and I was lucky enough to be in the Singapore Goodwill Team 1992 where Daele’s Junior Formation Team had the honour to be the first team to do so. On behalf of your thousands of pupils and friends we sincerely thank you for your dedication to always improving us, your ever welcoming manner and the professional example you set for us all. We hope you enjoy this surprise congratulatory message From Chris, Deb, Adrienne and all your “FANS”