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Brumby’s 2010 WA Open Dancesport Championships

With the Brumby’s WA 2010 Open Dancesport Championships only 5 weeks away all the competitive couples at the studio are doing more practice and looking forward to competing at the Challenge Stadium. I am chairman and co-organisor of the event and it is shaping up very well. We have some great couples in WA and […]

DMIA Dance Exams

Well, exam day was yesterday and once again all of our pupils danced well and all received highly commended passes. We had some young dancers do their very first Grade One exam and the highest yesterday was a Standard, or Ballroom or Modern ! ! Golden Award. The word to describe the style of Waltz, […]

Wedding Dance Lessons Time for the Bride and Groom to kick up their heels !

Take note of the date. This is a first and may not ever happen again.. 2 Blogs within a 24 hour period. YES ! ! With Chris’s nagging still ringing in my ears I hope to silence him for at least a week.( I truly hope so as I am off to the eastern states […]

At long last we have another Daele Fraser Ballroom Dancing Studio blog update ! !

Our exam candidates on April 18th were successful and all achieved a Highly Commended Pass. It was a great exam session which gave pupils, friends and family an opportunity to catch up with everyone and support all the candidates. Excitement always runs high on exam days and the 18th was no exception and an unexpected […]

Welcome to the new Daele Fraser Dance Studio website

I hope you enjoy the new user friendly website which is still not totally complete, BUT we are nearly finished. Websites are really complex and with so many options it is hard to know when to say STOP ! I have driven Chris mad with changing my mind all the time but he now has […]