Social Dancing in Perth   

I receive many questions asking “ What is Social Dancing “ as it is very often advertised as such when searching for dance lessons.

The following is my personal opinions.

Obviously it is dances that are danced at social functions : Cabarets, Weddings, Balls, Socials, Parties and indeed anywhere where people can gather and enjoy music and great company. DFDS has great social classes for all ages.

There are many different social dances ; They are couple dances ….. and lets face it…. there is nothing quite like dancing with a partner and moving to the music whether it be slow , medium or fast tempos.

It is a wonderful social attribute and a very pleasant experience synchronizing with a partner and the music.

There are 3 main styles…..All with different speeds, actions and figures which makes them all very interesting and fun. I have a very brief description below.     Lets talk about the Latin dances first.

I feel the Cha Cha Cha and Jive are the most popular

Cha Cha Cha  : Has bright music and figures to match with dancers applying a hip action

Jive : Again bright music with a rock and roll flavour and 6 beat basic.

Mambo : Faster music and similar in action to Cha Cha Cha using hip action

Samba : Bright music and dance travels around the room using a slight bouncing action

Rumba : Both Cuban and Square where music is slow and again hip action  applied.

Salsa : Bright music and there is a few different versions of the Salsa all of which are fun

Rock and Roll  :  Whilst really in a category of its own this style has a few different dances and has great 1950’s type music.

Now to the next style : Sometimes called Ballroom or Modern or in Competitions it is now called Standard. ………. I call it Ballroom

Slow Rhythm : Sometimes , ( although not by me ) called Social Foxtrot. This is a very versatile dance, slow to medium with 4 beats to the bar which makes it easily adapted to any music that is in 4/4. This dance is very suitable for a Bridal Dance .

Quickstep : Faster bright music and similar in feet pattern to the Slow Rhythm .

Waltz : English Waltz is slow with 3 beats to the bar. Graceful dance with rise and fall

Tango : not that popular at social functions and there are 2 styles English and Argentine

Viennese Waltz : again not that popular socially It is very fast with continuous rotation

Last style is Australian New Vogue or originated as Australian Old Time many many years ago,

There are hundreds of these dances all choreographed by Australians and in the Fast waltz, Foxtrot/Slow Rhythm , Tango and March tempos

Some popular dances are Swing Waltz, Parma Waltz , Tangoette, La Bomba, Merrilyn, Charmaine, Gypsy Tap and Evening 3 Step and The good old Barn Dance where you can change partners.

Obviously there is much more to the above but I hope it helps with you understanding the dances.

So , give dancing a try, we have great classes where you pay as you go and you can discover which style and dance you enjoy the most…….. I am sure you will enjoy them all at DFDS

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Hope to see you soon

Daele OAM