Social Dancing with a partner…FAB

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping very cool : First up I apologize if this post text goes wobbly *)# I am having problems with the boxes etc etc and sick of things being updated ??? when they are ok to begin with. The set up may be topsy turvey but I assure the content is correct. xx

DFDS UPDATE : All Adult Classes resume from MONDAY JANUARY 24th 2022.

Adult Social Classes resume on Wednesday January 26th 7pm and 8pm …. Yes Australia Day.

Seniors Social Class resumes on Wednesday January 26th 10am to 12noon.

Childrens Classes resume on Thursday February 3rd 4pm

For full details of all of our wide variety of instructional tuition please phone me 0412 95 46 59

Get dancing NOW at DFDS for lots of ” Happy Dancing ” Don’t forget your mask, and shoes

Hope to see you soon. Je Suis Prest

Daele OAM