Dance in 2022 ***

Well Ok ! ! It’s most probably too late to learn to dance this year SO please make a plan and organise your lessons for 2022. You won’t be sorry ,,, Social Dancing is a wonderful social attribute…. There is nothing like dancing with a partner to music whether it slow or fast…its fun .

So as we say goodbye to 2021 I wish to thank my fantastic DFDS staff , pupils , families and supporters for another wonderful very successful year. No matter what , we continue to support one another and enjoy the wonderful world of Ballroom Dancing. We have celebrated dancing awards , engagements , weddings and welcoming beautiful babies to our DFDS family.

We just turn the music on and off we go ! ………. Whether its a graceful Waltz…. a cheeky Cha Cha Cha , bopping to Jive or Rock and Roll or doing a Bridal Dance we have fun and most importantly…WE GET RESULTS.

We have our break up parties this week and our final event for 2021 is our marathon exam session on Friday December 17th. We resume all lessons from MONDAY JANUARY 24TH 2022 and as usual we will be holding a wide variety of classes and courses for all ages , styles , exams and fees. Our main classes commence on : Adult Instruction and Social Class : WEDNESDAY JANUARY 26TH 7pm and 8pm . ( Yes it is Australia Day so Lamingtons are on me…. But sorry no fireworks ! ) Senior/Adult Class : WEDNESDAY JANUARY 26TH 10am to 12noon Children Classes ; THURSDAY FEBRUARY 3rd 4pm

WE don’t have contracts and deposits : Just pay cash as you go.

On behalf of my staff I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year.

Have a safe Festive Season and I look forward to welcoming you to DFDS in 2022 for lots of Happy Dancing at DFDS.

PLEASE CONTACT ME 0412 95 46 59 for all enquiries , bookings or to receive our extensive 2022 Newsletter by snail mail or go to the link below to download the newsletter in pdf.

With thanks and kind regards

Daele L Fraser OAM