Ballroom Dancing For All

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all keeping very safe and healthy and fit. Myself and staff are all well but we are missing seeing you all and dancing at DFDS. Hopefully , this won’t last for too much longer.

Stay positive and maybe practice some dance moves on your own !! I can hear some of you saying “oh yeah sure ” But lets face it, that’s how you first learn……solo . Just turn the music up loud , stand up tall and go for it…

Making a start is the hardest thing…… Like me with the cupboards at DFDS …let me assure you they are all now very tidy and immaculate. ( not that they were ever really messy ) I even turned the music up loud to do that !!.

In my thoughts are the bridal couples who were to be married during this time, I hope you are all well and the wedding ceremonies have been postponed to a suitable date. Keep practicing your bridal dance and you will wow your family and friends. I had fun teaching couples via phone.

Our first exam date for 2020 was due last Friday but to all of our exam candidates we will catch up asap.

I will keep you up to date with what is happening at DFDS and when we are going to resume…..we have lots of new classes commencing and current ones that will continue.

Keep checking in with me. Look forward to seeing you asap at DFDS for FUN and DANCING …………. Cha Cha Cha

Take care and keep safe