FREE Bridal Dance Information

By PUBLIC REQUEST  – For Bridal Couples and Bridal Parties – All Welcome Whether you are getting married next month or next year come along and receive important details about your BRIDAL DANCE. IT”S FREE ……………………..NO OBLIGATION My studio does not have contracts and deposits on any of our lessons. We will Teach you the basic figures in 2 of the most popular Bridal Dances  : namely Slow Rhythm ( sometimes called Social Foxtrot) and Waltz Assist/Advise you with your music. We have a wide selection of music for your convenience and use ; But most couples choose their own music and we teach you the most suitable dance for your chosen tune. Advise on the A) Content of your Dance B) Length of your Dance  C) Entrance and exit from the dance floor D) Order of all bridal party couples participation in the Bridal Dance. In our words the “TOTAL BRIDAL PARTY PRESENTATION” We definately encourage and apply couples requests and suggestions where possible. Answer your questions Please come along and enjoy our get together with complimentary Tea/Coffee /Biscuits. ENROLMENTS ARE NECESSARY