Dance in 2017

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all of my DFDS staff, assistants, partners, pupils and supporters for a fantastic and very  successful 2016. It sure has been “Happy Dancing at DFDS ”

Our Family Cabarets , Medal Presentations, DMIA Pageants , Exam Sessions , Adult and Childrens Social Events were all great and special thanks to CV for his brilliant work with our corporate functions.

The main classes at DFDS have finished for this year but there are a few teachers working during the break; so if you would like a private lesson please phone me. 0412 95 46 59

We have a very wide variety of  tuition available for Adults and Children  :  Please find below a 4 page Newsletter which has all of our 2017 classes and details.

Hope to see you next year at DFDS  . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…..Keep Safe….. Daele


 NEWSLETTER.            December 12th   2016 .   **  Keep checking my website for Blogs and News    !    1.                                                  


Hi  Everyone !                


To all current pupils thank you for your support this year  and to new clients thank you for contacting me regarding my dance studio. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to your involvement and “ Happy Dancing “  at  DFDS  in 2017

We have many classes and courses commencing next year and hopefully there will be one suitable for you.

If not, please contact  me and I will try to arrange suitable tuition for you.

We do our very best to ensure that your lesson is both enjoyable and beneficial

Check our Brochure for all studio activities and great Children, Adult and Senior classes.

We also cater for FIFO workers

We look forward to seeing you dancing and having fun at the studio next year .

Don’t  Forget  !            Contact me to enrol or if you require assistance or more information.

Please  Note:      We have no contracts or deposits.      Just pay cash as you go.




The following details apply to all courses.

  • Maximum 8 pupils in each class
  • Duration of all lessons is 1 hour
  • Classes held at the same time over 8 consecutive weeks
  • Pay cash each per class ( payable every lesson )
  • Special rate of $6.00 cash to Wednesday Social Dance/Class. See Brochure for conditions/full details.
  • Commencement of courses are subject to enrolments.




Beginners A  –    Pupils who have never danced before.

Beginners B  –    Pupils who have completed Beginners A or who have some basic knowledge of dance.

Beginners C  –    Pupils who have completed Beginners A and B or have a sound knowledge of dance.

Beginners D  –   Pupils who have completed Beginners A, B, and C.

Intermediate  –   Pupils who have completed Beginners A,B,C, and D or who have more than a sound

                            knowledge of dance.

Social            –    Mixture of Latin, Ballroom & minimum new vogue dances ( the most popular dances)

Latin             –    Only Latin American dances

New Vogue   –    Only New Vogue dances

Exams          –    Dances taught for specific examinations

Technique    –    Solely technical points taught ( Theory )




See next page for dates for new Courses    >  >







**  ENROLMENTS ARE  ESSENTIAL and Commencement is subject to Enrolments  **


Beginners  “A  “  Social  Course . ( 2 courses commencing )


(For people who have never danced before)


Basic figures taught in Jive, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz,

Slow Rhythm, Quickstep


COMMENCING   MONDAY  JANUARY  23rd        8pm to 9pm


                 COMMENCING   TUESDAY  JANUARY    24th          7pm to 8pm



Beginners “B” Social Course   



                  COMMENCING   THURSDAY   FEBRUARY    2nd    7pm  to  8pm



Bronze and Bronze Cross Ballroom  Exam Course


No experience necessary.       Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Slow Rhythm,  Quickstep


COMMENCING  TUESDAY   JANUARY   24th           7pm  to  8pm



Silver  Star  Latin  Exam Course

Cuban Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, Jive


COMMENCING  MONDAY JANUARY 23rd     7pm  to  8pm



New Vogue  Class

Swing Waltz, Merrilyn, Tangoette, Carousel

COMMENCING MONDAY January 23rd   7pm to 8pm


Exam courses and Fees Conditions


The fee is paid per hourly class .As a definite level of technique must be reached pupils are requested to do their utmost to attend every lesson. Pupils will be permitted to miss one lesson per term without payment, but if pupils are absent from further lessons then they must pay the full fee for the missed lesson.



**  Working for exams improves your dancing and is FUN  **



Social Courses Fees and Conditions                   3

For all social course clients it is permissible to miss the first class of the

courses and join in on the second class. In every class there is revision so if

you can’t make the first lesson then joining us on the second class will not be

a problem. We do not take any new pupils after the second week as this can

slow the progress of the class. Of course, I understand that other priorities

arise and pupils may have to miss a class during the course ; please be assured

that you only pay when you attend and every effort is made to keep your

dancing progressing. Please try very hard to attend all lessons.


All above classes are held in a positive, encouraging, friendly and fun





Enrolments close 48 hours prior to commencement date of course, so to avoid

disappointment phone me now or for more details contact me ASAP



  Adult  Social  dance  &  Instruction  Classes



7pm to 8pm. 3 different classes from beginners ( people who have never danced before) to intermediate/advanced.

    8pm to 9.30pm  Non Stop Dancing   !  BUT you can have a break if you wish and enjoy our complimentary iced water , tea/coffee and biscuits.

All the most popular social dances for all occasions are taught.

Lots of Fun, and  Instruction if required or just come along and practice all  your  dances and  floor craft.


**SPECIAL FEE : Both classes (7pm to 9.30pm)



Seniors/Adults  Dance with  Instruction  

* Ballroom * Latin * New Vogue *


10am to 12noon .

Tea/Coffee/Iced water included.

Great music, atmosphere and lots of fun                                               ————————————————————————                                                                                                                    

*** Private Lessons are available  for all occasions ***




***   Special Fee for Bridal  Couples /Parties.


Our experienced teachers ensure every Bridal Dance is unique and set to the couples chosen music.

We assist with all aspects of the bridal dance and can suggest and recommend ideas to make sure that the dance is enjoyable and memorable.                                                                              



Children’s   classes ( 5  years  &  over )  THURSDAYS



“Social  Instruction  Class”   4pm to 4.45pm.

Lots  of  fun  in  a  positive  and  disciplined  atmosphere.

Latin , Ballroom ,  Fun  Dances  with  lucky   spot  prizes.

Parent  welcome  to  observe  class & enjoy  a  complimentary  Tea/Coffee


“Exam  Classes”                 4.50pm to 5.30pm.

Please Note: This is an extension of the Social Instruction Class and becomes an 1½ hour class.

Pupils who have done exams previously please confirm with Daele if you wish to continue with exam classes.

Pupils who wish to commence doing their Grade One examination (this is the first exam and no experience is necessary), please see Daele for written details on exam fees and requirements.


General Information & Studio Policies


No spectators during classes and lessons.  Our clients and teachers do not wish to be observed during classes.  Thank you for respecting their wishes.( The only exception is the Childrens Class)

No Videoing at the studio during any class or function.

24 hours notice of cancellation of private lessons must be given by phone or the full fee will be charged.

Cheques & EFTPOS are not accepted at the studio.  CASH  ONLY

Sorry, no credit given.

  • Comfortable casual dress attire is best with suitable shoes ( No thongs or backless shoes)
  • Shoes must be worn at all times in DFDS

For all enrolments, enquiries, brochure and information please see Daele.

Check out our website:

  • Cold cans of soft drink/mineral water available at $1.50 per can/bottle
  • Variety of confectionary available from our machine
  • No eating in the main ballroom : Please eat in the kitchen
  • Complimentary tea & coffee available to all adult clients.
  • Like us on Facebook


I hope to see you soon. 

Thanks  and Happy Dancing……………………………Daele