I am home……..

Hi everyone,

Sorry to be so very late with a blog and thanks to all the people who emailed suggesting that I had left Perth forever.    !!

This email could also be named “Sleepless in Subiaco ” as it took me quite a while to get back on Perth time..I tried to get back to DFDS and my social life too soon.

This is a very brief catch up as so much has happened. since my return . I do want to mention  how great it was in London to catch up with 7 friends who I hadn’t seen for many years. . Also Jamie Olivers restaurant in London is much nicer than the one in Perth  ( in my opinion )……………now that is important.   !

DFDS had a very successful day at the DMIA State Medallists Event on Sunday December 1st  Congrats to all pupils, partners and teachers.

I judged at the Australian Dancesport Championships in Melbourne last week- end and it was very enjoyable and some great dancing. Congrats to our DFDS couples who won and achieved  fantastic results.

This week has been very busy with parties at our Adult Class and Childrens Class . Today we have our last session of examinations commecning at 4pm ,  good luck to all of our candidates.

Tomorrow night we have our final event for 2013,: a Family Cabaret and Medal Presentations with the theme being “Christmas in the Caribbean ”   So  beware  ………………………the pirates are sailing in…… WE  ARE  SOLD  OUT  .

More soon