Lovely last night in Prague

Just had to blog one more time from Prague : I had a most enjoyable evening and dinner with Petr ( organisor of the WDSF World Championship ) his wife Magda and son Alesh.

They picked me up and we drove to the Prague Tower, a very impressive building , 206 metres high  !  We dined at the beautiful restaurant on the 66th floor which was only 110 metres high. Alesh is 8 years old and has not learnt dancing but is rather keen on it. His favourite dance is the Tango and he had his tango music on his phone and he gave me a demonstration of his style around the restaurant floor. Fantastic Alesh , I really enjoyed your Tango.

We went up another 20 floors and could see all of Prague. it is really impressive…. not like my photos as it was quite dark.

Petr gave me  a souvenir gift ( 24 beautiful prints of Prague )  I collect prints from everywhere I go and they will be on my wall as soon as I get home.

I sincerely thank Petr, Magda and Alesh for making my stay in Czech Republic very enjoyable and i wish them all the best. A lovely family and I am sure we will meet again.  Thanks  x  Photos below ….hopefullyNov 5th Prague night 002Nov 5th Prague night 009