Last day in Prague

Hi again,   Had another very nice day with sightseeing and doing the last of my Czech shopping, which has been great, Evidently the weather is usually very cold and snowing at this time of year, but it has been sunny and has not rained at all. It does get a bit chilly from 3pm on and I am totally sick of my Black coat  !!!!

I have taken some very original photos that I know Anna will just love !!  Well not a lot to report , bought some great stuff for my family , 2 of the boys have birthdays as soon as I return to Perth.

I reckon I have walked about 10 miles every day  …..have nearly worn my new boots out.

Off to have a meeting with Petr, so must finish packing.

My flight is at 12.55pm , which is a very suitable time, and the flight to London is about 2 hours.

Photos anywhere……..hopefully …………………..Daele Nov 5th afternoon prague 008