Dinner in Prague

We had a very nice dinner at a lovely restaurant  “El Emir ” ( pictured ) , had 2 floors and a 4 piece band playing all old songs. The food was great although CJ  did not like the seafood….I always play it very safe and basic with food when overseas . hence the chicken………….well done.

I did some more shopping and bought some great “stuff”  , there is some really beautiful glass and crystal wear. .We are at the moment having a cuppa tea and very tasty nougat. I used to think that my friends the Romeos who own Mondo Nougat had the best but i think the home made Czech may beat them by a tad.  ! Sorry Toni  …..

I really have to go to sleep , but  keeping an eye on the English news on telly…… there is a storm approaching London and snow and high winds have been forecast…… Damn  ! 

My room is overlooking the main street and the  guy is still on the  bagpipes…… He knows 7 tunes,Scotland the Brave, Amazing Grace which is usually a lament , and 5 assorted jigs and reels. !

Have a hairdressers appointment tomorrow , might try an undercut   OMG

Take care everyone



Prague November 4th 005




Prague November 4th 002Prague November 4th 003