WDSF World latin championship, Czech Republic

Hi again,  Just got back to hotel 11pm on Sunday ….Was late yesterday and  too tired to blog………………….Sorry  !

Wow the dancing is just great.  The main events were the Seniors 1 Latin, and 2 Latin   Senior 1 and 2 and 3 Standard and a fantastic event the International Adult latin, 6 very good formation teams and a showdance championship. Other shows were  hip hop and theatrical numbers and some of them were original and different

The Seniors 1 had about 58 couples in it from a lot of different countries . AND boy can they move. they were really very good and all looked super fit and slim… A Russian couple won….cant pronounce their names but I know them from Moscow. Overall i think the seniors latin couples strongest dance was Jive and in the standard the Tango.

The costumes were very suitable with not an ounce of fat in sight    ! …………………true

The event was held in a Basketball Complex with a very large dance floor, tiered seating on 2 sides and raised levels at the opposite end of the stage.With floorside tables in front of the tiered seats and on the different levels it had comfortable and great viewing for everyone.

Sorry .I am jumping all over  the place as i am a bit tired and leave here tomorrow by coach at 8am.Should be good fun as most of the judges will be on board, except the Italians who leave at 3am     …poor souls.

Speaking of Italians ,Gianni was chairman of adjudicators, and Bianca Tonizzo works for him in Italy , so during tonights event he phoned her and then I had a chat with her.They are going to the Australians so will see her then. I am really pleased she is doing so well.

The international latin event was very very very good..It was very hard to call back 6 from the 12 in the semi and strangely enough there was 8 the the final which made it very difficult as they are all so good,

The music and lighting was good as they paid a lot of attention to detail   AND the electronic judging system was excellent ….. no problems at all….

Trends change all the time and with figures this time there is a different move in the Quickstep and also the Cha Cha Cha, and everyone is doing them

Well I won’t be attempting any photos tonight, not that I have a lot…..But i will try to put them on in Prague and also finish off the championship details.

Must close as I am soooooooooooo tired………………………..and just been invited to a party next door.

Take care and     AHOY