WDSF Adjudicators Oath in Czech Republic

Hi again,

Well here I go with another disjointed ramble about the Dance Championships etc etc.  I forgot to mention that I was honoured to read the Adjudicators Oath on Saturday night in the opening ceremony.

“In the name of all judges and officials. I promise that we shall officiate in the WDSF World Dancesport Senior l Latin, with complete impartiality, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them,in the true spirit of sportsmanship “

The oath has been altered and is a bit shorter than the one I read in Hungary last year. I think it is very important to make this oath more public ; I read it in English and then Petr read it in Czech and the venue was packed with about 700 people and you could hear a pin drop…………..I am having some problems with the FONT   !  !

I left Usti at 8.30am today on the coach and  it took 2 hours to get to Prague , it was a very enjoyable time spent sitting next to Thomas who was Norway’s judge. All the judges were very nice and we had some fun with languages as usual….most trying to converse in “any ” language. The lady judge from Spain had a very unusal name and I tried to use her name by saying ” hello Avatiyne ”    She replied   It is 1.30 pm     !  !       Oh well I tried    For the rest of the day whenever we were close she told me the time………………. ?  From then on I called her Mrs Spain.

As I wrote last night the music was fantastic, but Denise ( the judge representing England but has lived in Italy for 12 years …..? )and  I had a laugh when they played the Benny Hill theme for the seniors Quickstep.  I must admit it was great version but I would consider it a novelty tune. I tried to buy it but there was no CD’s on sale.Maybe Denise and I were the only 2 people who knew the tune.

The most common name here is Petr   and Petr  the organisor has a gorgeous young son, Ales, who is 8 years old. We tried to have some conversations and he was very busy helping his dad and I am sure he will be running tbis event in 10 years time.

Well  I have to have a little “nanna nap” for 60 minutes and then off to the shops first and then dinner with Yulio  and CJ

Just spoke to MC, the lovely sister, and she is ok and not missing me….so she says…… but the staff at DFDS are a very different matter. I have cameras in the studio that beam me 24/7 all the activities  ….and it is heart wrenching to see all of  them a bit teary.  OOps one exception ..initials AB   !   LOL                        Thanks Corrine for your advise about the photos being “a mess ” and for telling me how well you are behaving and practicing ! The live camera streams tell a very different story   !  !  It is  a lovely sunny day , so must go and enjoy it

AHOY   !          Daele xx