Usti in the fast lane

Hi again,

Well I am safely here in Usti bin Laden  or just “Usti” as we locals say .I was picked up by Eve ( president of the Czech Dance Asociation ) and her husband Peter, at 11,30am . They are really nice people and we had great conversations about  you know what.. It is the same the world over with organisors of events,,, We had to make a stop to pick up a special flag for the event…….it wasn’t ready so we had to wait 10minutes for them to finish sewing it.

Then on to Eve and Peters studio to pick up the Czech judge.. their dance hall is very nice and was very busy.  Then we were off with Eve’s phones constantly ringing……. Peter was driving and I am sure he was a relation of Jack Brabhams in a former life…..gee that has dated me ………..who is Jack Brabham….go straight to google.  It was a very pleasant drive especially past the Laden river with the houses right in the water front.

Took us 90ins to get here

Usti is a small industrial city, the hotel is very nice, but not a lot of English is spoken

Well going to go and iron my clothes then go for a walk …we have an official judges dinner tonight at 9pm.

I am looking forward to the championships as there is ballroom, latin, formations and Show Dance

I forgot to mention my haircut…… is nearly a number 1       TRUE   and stands straight up like Homer.  Chris laughed a lot when he saw me on skype this morning

Okey doke     I bid you    AHOY      that is goodbye in Czech   It is now 2.50pm