Halloween in Prague

Good Morning at 6am in Prague  !!!

Yes 6 am and I am awake and making some kind of sense  ?  know that it is very hard to believe…. It is still dark and the main street is quiet, actually it is not really ever very busy and/or noisy. It starts to get dark at 4.30pm  and the sun comes up about 7am.

I had forgotten it was Halloween last night , but there was a fair bit of Halloween “stuff” around in the shops. So after a quick catch up we went for a walk down to the markets again : and then the absolute craziest group of people of all ages came parading down the street.  There was about 100 of them , dancing and whooping all wearing the most fantastic costumes and they were having a ball. We followed them for a while but it was a bit chilly so we headed for yet another coffee shop and some warmth.

The hotel breakfast is very nice and on the tables are some paper serviettes and also a tealight candle, both in the same type of small glasses. Yesterday when I was eating my cornfakes a Russian  couple sat at the table next to me . They said good morning and the man went to get a serviette and then he dropped them , he picked them up and then continued talking to me and put the serviettes in with the candle. There was a little fire……and boy, his wife ticked him off  !  !  Don’t know what was said   !!!  but ended up with a laugh

Well must go…am not sure what time we are leaving for Usti… early arvo  I think  I am really looking forward to the DANCING         YES

Take care