Day 2 Prague

Helloooooooooo     again

Sorry yesterday’s blog was a bit disjointed but the damn adaptor did not work so had to buy another one today.

Had a great day ,starting with a very nice hairdo by Andre who is a lovely Gemini and has it tatooed on his arm !  I I walked for miles in my new boots  ( with diamentes ) and the old town square is really beautiful with lots of interesting places and buildings. The Astronomical Clock and the Tyn church in particular are quite spectacular. It was a very pleasant sunny day and about 12 degrees but my photos did not come out too well…oh well   will try and post them later.

I suppose all of the older  European cities are rather similar but Prague certainly has the best very big square and the entertainment  and buskers were wonderful . I saw Swing Dancers, Concert Pianist, 3 Brass bands, Whip Cracker, Swing Band with the vocalist sounding exactly like Louis Armstrong, Russian Folk Band and Dancers, Bagpipe player, 1 guy sitting above another guy who was sitting  and both holding a rope and there did not seem any way that the higher guy could stay there, there was no visible means of support     Interesting  ., but moving on , a young teenage boy bouncing a small ball on his feet and body and doing fantastic tricks without dropping the ball,   I thought he was the most talented,  Like most  of the old squares they are edged by restaurants and cafes and of course 100’s of SHOPS

Sorry had a little break , there was a lot of noise( click,clacking ) in the street  and would you believe there were about 100 young people ski ing down the cobble stone road.. yes  like snow skis  with lots of people running  with them.   As usual my photos are too dark  I have the window open to let some fresh air in as the rooms are quite warm. :and it is interesting to watch the world go by   ,…..only for a few minutes though as I have to pack cos tomorrow I am off to Usti.

Also I can hear someone playing  a bagpipe in the distance  which I like …..Gosh     Scotland the Brave

It is 7.30pm so must go ..going to for a quick coffee with one of the other judges .

Take care