Monthly Archives: November 2013

AAARRRGGGGH internet !

Like with everything ,it is great if it is working. You all know I am                                                                                      not an expert with computers etc etc, but this time it is not all my                                                                                   fault , there are a lot of complaints at the hotel.  I am in an internet                                                                                cafe in Oxford street with 2 very nice young men assisting […]

LoNdOn DaY 3

Still having internet connection problems… Had to give up last night at 12 midnight.  ! So will do a quick repeat Yesterday was very nice, bit chilly, some sun and no rain. I walked Oxford street and the Strand again and was attracted by a 50 piece scottish pipe band playing in the street. A […]

Lovely London

Hi everyone,  Initially had some problems using my laptop   But up and running now, hopefully. I had a pleasant flight from Prague , I flew with British Airways as Emirates do not  have a direct flight. And I must say that Emirates are very superior in my opinion. I am glad I am going home […]