Greetings from Beautiful Prague

Hi everyone,

Had great time in Dubai and a nice flight to Prague  . Petra picked me up from the airport which was very nice of him as he has a lot of work to do as he is the organisor of the WDSF World Championship .The hotel is very  nice and right  on the main street of the city which is quite beautiful. We  got to the hotel  about 1pm  so a quick unpack and then out to have a look at the sights . Did some shopping and made a hair appointment for tomorrow…I was lagging a bit by 5pm but then found a street market right at the bottom of my street. Was great fun and had a sausage in a roll with a couple from Queensland. The weather is not as cold as forecast, it was sunny today and 10 degrees.  , but it is hot in the shops… the coat is on and off all the time.

How about this ,……………….I have the same room number as I had in Dubai    305    ……… and for some more exciting news    !!!!   I helped the man next to me on the plane with his television   Ta   Dahhhhh   now that is a first.

Must go…I hope to have a normal 7 hours sleep tonight ……………PS Prague is 7 hours behind Perth