Dubai YES !

Hi Everyone

9.30am here in beautiful Dubai .Clear sunny day…28 degrees   Just perfect .. Had a great flight . Slept all the way,

the beds  are getting more and more comfortable  ,   and arrived here at 5am and at hotel by 6am. We have stayed at the Al Manzll before and it is really a super hotel and excellent location…the view from my balcony is the Berj Tower and  YES the Dubai Shopping Mall   !

Had a lovely breakfast        and now getting ready to make a move    ………… off to the old gold souk first

But have to say as I was going through customs etc  in Perth, at one point , a young lady worker asked how I was   I replied that I was quite well thanks   to which she said  ” I thought you look a bit tired ”      I must admit I was surprised at this rather personal remark and must have shown it ………. She went bright red in the face and explained that  she was at the WA Open Dancesport Championship on Sunday watching her young niece compete and saw me .

She apologised profusely and we had a good laugh and I made her promise that by next years event she would be competing     ..Oh well we have to get more couples somehow

Must go…I leave here tomorrow morning 8am and get to Prague about 2.30pm

Happy dancing everyone and xxx  to DFDS staff   ( who will all be partying by now )

Take care