New ADULT Bronze Ballroom Class

With having exams at DFDS yesterday we are now commencing new exam classes .

We have an Adult Bronze and Bronze Cross  Exam course commencing on                                                             MONDAY  SEPTEMBER 30th                    7pm to 8pm

I teach the correct technique which covers  , Timing, Footwork, Feet Position, Alignment,                                          Rise and Fall, Poise and Action.  It seems a lot but without learning and applying the technique you                       will never really dance. Possibly the best you could do would be to move around the floor  using a                  different feet pattern and timing.   Now who wants to do that.  !  !    ?

We do have 2 vacancies in this class so if you would like to join or require more info please                                     phone me  0412 95 46 59.   It is enjoyable and lots of fun.

The rest of our  Adult  classes are full  but there is a couple of vacancies in the Childrens Class

Take care and get DANCING       Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow.