Dance Shoes

I taught a 2 hour dance seminar this afternoon for a show and the females had a few problems with the moves because their shoes had very high heels.

Now ,  all females just love high heels, myself included, : you feel better and everyones legs look much more shapely

But the higher the heels the harder to dance correctly , especially for beginners to intermediate or for dancers who have not done a lot of ballroom or latin dancing.

Having said that , the top female dancers in the world are absolutely brilliant and can handle the high heels as their balance is correct and their weight is in the right place at all times.

So, my advise to all female dancers when buying dancing shoes is to not go too high and certainly not higher than your normal shoes. If you can’t walk well in the shoes you certainly won’t be able to dance in them.

BUT for social dancing you don’t really need the specially made dance shoes : for males and females as long as you have comfortable shoes and no thongs ( no …. the thongs for your feet ) and not backless shoes you will be okay

So see you soon at our  Wednesday night  ADULT class.. Phone me for all details    0412 95 46 59

Happy Dancing