Dancing in my Garden

Today I did a very unusual thing for a Saturday and did not go to DFDS  !  !   but the teachers who did teach assured me that everything went excellently….if that is a word.

So at home  with the whole day being devoted to the front and back garden, pruning , weeding, landscaping , potting , bagging, manureing  etc etc etc OMG  !

And now to get to the dancing part,

I did have 2 male helpers ,who I must say are excellent workers ,BUT they are very typical of males who just want to cut all the plants down to ground level.  This is soooooo frustrating !

Why do they want to do that, ?  they get hold of the clippers and they start to twitch and their eyes roll and away they go.  My 2 helpers were very smart, as after about 1 hour they  decided to split up…. C said he would do the front and J said he would do the back     thus making me run from one to the other  yelling   “NO NO  Not That ”

C made the comment very cooly  : ” I don’t know what you are dancing about it looks much better . ”

I really wasn’t dancing ………….more like jumping up and down  on the spot.

Oh well , at least we won’t have to get the clippers out for about 2 years.

Thanks guys it really does look bewtiful