Congrats to Exam pupils

Well done to  our exam candidates who all gained highly commended passes for their practical exams last Saturday July 20th at DFDS.  Once again we had new young pupils doing their very first DMIA Grade 1 exam and also a young lady attained her highest award in the New Vogue style…. the Oscar.  Congrats to all…… you looked fabulous and thanks to everyone who partnered the candidates.

We had a great day today  ! !      The DMIA Dance Pageant is tomorrow so our pupils had their last practice and we were joined by Kara’s pupils who are down from Broome to also compete at the pageant. The hard workout was followed by ” Snacks and  Chat ” and then the Broome dancers also did an exam. The kids went off to dinner and Kara , Mitch and I did some preparation for a big floorshow they have in Broome at the Broome Races.

Well I am well prepared for tomorrow and am very confident of all the routines that I have to dance and I will smile and try to dance my ” Personal Best ” ………. OMG ….  Pull a face  if you have heard that before

Actiually , I have to go as I have one more important chore to do before dinner…..That’s right I have to polish ny dancing shoes.

Have a great weekedn everyone