Moscow /Dubai


Left Moscow on another dismal day ,through the security etc etc etcand had a good flight to Dubai arriving at 10pm. Our driver was waiting and the temperature was a comfortable 30 degrees. 20 minutes to the Hotel which was fabulous  with all the internet facilities in our rooms. Had a quick snack and off to bed for an early start. Great breakfast and we were off.. We could see the Mall and the Berj Tower from our rooms so we walked to the Dubai Mall and New Gold Souk. Dropped our shopping at the hotel and then cabbed it to the Old Gold Souk and then to Karamar Shopping Centre and then back to the Dubai Mall. We had shopped for 11 hours and then walked back to the Hotel by 10.30pm to the horrible task of PACKING  ! But we made it  after a lot of jiggling. Picked up at 7am and through the airport security and last minute shopping  !  I had to get more perfume and Ash just had to buy a watch  ( another one )  Dubai was sunny, warm  and everyone had a smile and of course 99% of the locals speak English… that makes it so much easier for us.We landed in Perth at 1am : John picked us up and we were home by 3am……not bad going. Of course , I am still jet lagged and not yet on Perth time, in fact I have just realised that I am most probably still jet lagged from my trip to Budapest 4 weeks ago   !   !  ! I also think that I am not a Northern Hemisphere person,  I cross the Equator  and immediately feel ” not the best “and look even worse.  !I don’t know how I ever jagged that modelling assignment  ? I am not sure when or where the interview will be shown but will keep you updated ( that was at the Championship ) I also did a ” Out and About in St P ”  for a Russian TV Channel. I will be able to put a small portion of that on my blog soon but it has to be shown in Russia first ( as per my contract ) Must close and try again to get my timing right  123,  123,  or Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow. or just get back on Perth time. What a lovely sunny day today in Perth .There is no place like it    HOME  xx Thanks to everyone who has emailed me : I really appreciate your contact: I have not replied to everyone but will do soon. Take care and see you soonDaele