Russian Train

Leaving St Petersburgh









Hello from Moscow.

We had a late start today; the weather was chilly and raining a bit. Had 1 hour to fill in so yes did  our last minute shopping in St P. Olya came in to get us to the train station and I really think to make sure we left.

Train ride was fantastic and 200 k per hour was really  enjoyable. If this blog improves it is purely because Ash is now dictating to me .

The scenery was spectacular with forests,lakes and villages dotted along the way. Went to carriage 5 , the restaurant , for a fine dining experience, caviar and champagne, the perfect way to spend an hour or two. On the way back to carriage 8 the train took a sharp bend at high spend and Daele was catapulted into the cloak room. LOL   …Photos to follow

Arrived at Lenongradsky Station in downtown Moscow at 7.15pm and into the biggest traffic jam I have ever seen. OMG !

Ash is over this blog and has handed back to me.

Rather a slow day compared to previous days ;the hotel is very nice but I have to blog and email in the coffee shop or lobby or bar.   guess where we are   ?

Have had dinner and “at my desk ” having a G & T ”   I did start with a mineral water.

Tomorrow we are off to the Kremlin.

Thanks Olya, Dasha and Alex for making our stay in St P a memorable experience. We hope to meet again.

Babushka !  Goodnight and sweet dreams comrades  !

Daele ………..and Ash