Great Palace St Petersburgh

DLF , Ash and Olya 

Dasha, Ash, Olya, Alex and DLF.

Good Evening everyone    ! I made it tonight , but have had major problems with blogging  !!!!and very nearly gave up . OMG

We have had  a fabulous day and saw so many interesting and wonderful sights. Olya arranged for Alex, our driver and Dasha our tour guide to take us to many places . The weather was bit chilly but no rain thank goodness I did not want my hairdo ruined . We were picked up at 9.30am and went to the the Great Palace ,or  Summer Palace which is about 50 minutes from the city. The  gardens and Palace are extraordinary and Dasha ,who just happens to lecture at the university on St Petersburgh history, was excellent and made the experience really interesting. Spent about 3 hours with Peter the Great. He really was amazing.

Drove back to the city and had lunch at Stolle’s which is a famous cafe that makes and sells great pies. I had chicken , Ash had salmon.

Then off to the Hermitage which is the art gallery of Catherine the Great. Again it was incredible and I can’t find any more words to describe the buildings, artwork and gardens. Most importantly we had fun .   Back to the hotel by 6pm , went to the famous shop Kestrel Elisse and bought some vodka and had a cuppa. More shopping and then Italian dinner  and now some packing as we leave tomorrow at 3pm to go by the “samsun” train, it takes 4 hours to get to Moscow and travels at 200 k’s per hour .  YES

Must go …. Thanks Olya for another lovely day

Take care everyone   with love from St Petersburgh for the last time.