Monday St Petersburgh








Good morning ! I was to tired last night to blog and never thought I would ever say that.. but we had a fabulous 12 hour day. Olya ,who used to be a student at DFDS and wh0 now has returned to St Petersburgh, joined us for breakfast and  showed us around the beautiful city and bought our train  tickets to Moscow for Wednesday.

Whilst we can get by on our own with not speaking Russian it is so much easier and quicker to have someone help you. Ash can remember a few russian words but I still only know ” Vodka”  which we have not tried yet. The buildings we saw , and I am repeating myself are just beautiful, We went into 2 awesome churches, I can’t remember the names ,and the most fantastic shop which is more like a museum. Oh dear I will write the names down today. We walked for miles and miles and miles.

My purchases were limited but made up for it when we returned to our favourite souvenir shop just down the road from the hotel. We  had lamb chops , mashed potatoes and tomatoes at an italian restuarant for dinner and they were just what i needed.

We are both now, as from about 2pm yesterday , having problems with our phone with texting, so we hope that will be fixed today.

Well it is 8.10am , must get to breakfast and be ready to be picked up at 9.30am, : we are off to St Peters Palace and the Hermitage ; Olya has organised a driver for us and is also joining us.

Photos of me will be very very limited today as I have just shampooed and blow dried my own hair…..Oh dear    Where is that mink cap    ?

Take care and will blog tonight…promise


Olya Ash and DLF