Safely in St Petersburgh

DF &  AC  with AC’s latest purchase in Dubai

After Italian Dinner

Hi from St Petersburgh ; finally here after 24 hours. The 10 and half hours from Perth to Dubai is always “just too long ” Had 5 hours stopover in Dubai and have never seen the airport so busy at 5am.Thankfully by 7am the crowds had thinned a bit and we could POWERSHOP. ! The 6 hours to St Petersburgh was okay but was delayed 30minutes on the Dubai tarmac. Got through customs quickly and was very pleased to see my suitcase…. transfer to a really fabulous hotel in the main city block. Checked in and had a nice italian dinnerat a restaurant down the road. It is about 5 degrees so a bit chilly but we have come very well prepared with the gloves , boots,scarves and gorgeous mink hat. Met a couple who used to dance and had a nice catch up with them in Dubai airport. We are 4 hours behind Perthtime so it is good to gain that time.Just have to go to bed, there’s so much to do tomorrow including a catch up with friends at a dance competition.Take care everyone and thank you for the emails :Daele