Goodbyeeeeee again

WDSF Junior World Championship

Thanks to everyone who came to our Party Night last week.A real dance down memory lane when one of our couples danced their bridal waltz I taught them 13 years ago as a special anniversary floorshow. Well done……and after 13 year practice  you were much improved. !  !

We will be commencing a new Beginners A class as soon as I return so contact the studio if you want to enrol

I leave tomorrow night and our “friends” have moved in already. It is not surprising that I am developing a complex : with the DFDS staff smiling more than ever and the family offering to help me pack…………… Oh well The new video cameras I have installed will sort them out later.

I am judging in Moscow at the WDSF Olymp Cup and also attending a competition in St Petersburgh if  we arrive in time.

I hope to blog from St P ……Chris gave me a 7 out of 10 for my Hungarian effort ,. so I am aiming for at least a nine.

Take care everyone