WDSF 2012 Junior Latin World Championship : Kistelek

New Friends at the Championship Stalls

Marcos Sietas and DLF


Hi everyone , better late than never,Wow the 32 hours to get home, the WA Open Dancesport Championship, trying to go to DFDS , just too busy and still jet lagged !!I still feel “very ordinary ”

Thanks to all the DFDS staff……. great job as usual The WDSF Junior Championship was really fantastic.; it was very well organised and  in a comfortable suitable venue.  The hospitality was warm and helpful and of course the dancing displayed by the Worlds best juniors was brilliant to say  the least.70 couples participated  and the final was excellent with a Russian couple taking first place.

The WDSF judges stayed in Szgred which is about 30 minutes from Kistelk : the coach ride gave me an opportunity to see more of the countryside  which was basicially farms. We were picked up at 11am ; arrived at the venue and then immediately went to the hotel which was connected to the ballroom for lunch.At these events I always look for CD’s stalls  to buy new discs.To my disappointment there were none BUT…BUT  in our way through a lovely courtyard and over a little bridge there was a mini market ……YES     I can find shopping anywhere. !!!!I bought some “special stuff ”  and had a lovely chat with the 2 ladies photographed. The opening ceremony was the usual introduction of couples and flags which is always very colourful and of course the judges are also introduced representing their countries.

I was very proud to be invited to read the WDSF  Adjudicators oath  during this ceremony. A first for me  Thanks Wolfgang for the honour.The seating for spectators was good with small tables at floorside and tiered seating : judges were in the VIP section on the mezzazine floor and it was very good as there was a chiffon “see through’ curtain which meant we could see the floor and dancing below but no one could see us.

The electronic judging system was fantastic as was the music and lighting and the  the break dancers in the opening were amazing.

All too soon it was over and the long trek home commenced ; We were transported back to Budapest and I travelled with Daniel Lodiwho was Italy’s representative judge. We spent a couple of hours together at the Budapest airport and had a great chat about “you guessed it”Dancing    !   The young french competitors and their parents also arrived and it was nice to be able to speak with them as of course during the championships judges must not mix with or speak to the competitors.

I am sorry that this blog is disjointed  and a bit short , but it was a truly memorable and unique championship AND  I have to go and pack because I am leaving for Moscow on Friday to judge the WDSF Olympic Cup ………….. YES Thanks for all  of your emails and best wishes. I wish I could type faster 🙂

I am an advanced version of “hunt and peck ”

Take care everyoneDaele x