WDSF Welcome Dinner Kistelek

 Hi Everyone from sunny Szeged,

The weather is just lovely once more. Sorry about the damn photo….but I am sure Chris will get onto it and put it the right way up. He did tell me how to do it but I wasn’t listening and he did not write it down.  !  !  Have some more photos of the dinner but will try to sort them out.

Anyhow had a nice walk around the city and a quick trip on the Tisza River and then another Hungarian hairdo……not too bad.

The WDSF adjudicators met at 8pm for a briefing and then a dinner at this hotel. It’s great when everything is at the same venue ,,saves being coached everywhere.

I always really enjoy catching up with other judges from different countries,just discussing dance in general,  not the Championship of course. Had a five course meal and lots of fun

We have a late start tomorrow and depart from the hotel at 11am,   I think it is about a 30 minutes drive to Kistelek.

Must go and do a bit more packing and the damn font is driving me crazy

Take care and more tomorrow night…….I hope  !

Love from Szeged

Daele x…………………………………..Ps   I am OVER the photos