Szeged is amazing

Hi from Szeged  ( pronounced Sar..ged )

Photographed is the limo that we toured Budapest( looks better with the top down ) it was great. Left Budapest at 1pm so had another “power shop ” through the markets before I left. !

One of the organisors 2 daughters picked me up and drove me here , took about 2 hours as it rained lightly just about all the way.  Anna and Sophie  speak English very well so it was really interesting to chat with them .

The hotel Novatel is really nice and overlooks the Tisza River ….. I arrived at the hotel at the same time as a German Choir all dressed in national costume…for a while  the receptionist thought I was  with them………about 30 of them in the lobby all excited about the performance they had just done  ….. It was fun to say the least …….I did a polka with Hans while they sang  “Auf Auf  something Polka   ! ”    AND they took photos and I did not..don’t tell Chris.

After a quick check into my room I went to the main shopping mall called the “Arkad ” because I had to buy a new coat…..the one I bought with me just does not go with my judging attire and I don’t want to catch a chill   !  ………………………….I now have 11 black coats.              I was not expecting the weather to be this cold. Up  until last night it was perfect..

Also booked a hair appointment because the official procedures commence tomorrow from about 5pm…with meetings and dinner etc.

On a count down now….. should be great….am looking forward to seeing some old friends on the judging panel

Take care everyone and thank you all sooooooooooo  much for your emails.

Daele  x