6 days to go !

With 6 days to go before I leave for Hungary it is a bit busy to say the least.

We have exams at DFDS on Friday and I fly at 6am Saturday, oh dear a bit too early for me. The few days prior to exams is always exciting with some pupils taking their very first exam and on this occasion we have a candidate taking the highest exam which is the Oscar Award. Everyone is well prepared so good luck and enjoy dancing for your medal test.

Chris has been lecturing me to do  my blogging whilst I am away….He’s not coming on this trip and I am the most experienced in our group …. that says a lot.  !  !   He has provided me with 4 pages of carefully typed  instructions on taking photos , transferring photos to my laptop, emails, skype,plugging it in and unplugging it, charging the laptop and phone and camera, turning roam on and off, foreign exchange rate, on using the laptop on the plane and to not speak to strangers  ?  to hold on to my handbag and to not drink the water   !  !   and on and on and on.  ! It’s 10 hours to Dubai so will make good reading.

In their dreams  the DFDS staff are preparing for the wild party that they always imagine when I am away. I think stirring me about it is much more fun than a party would ever be ! They are all great and do a fantastic job….x

When I return we go straight into the WA Open Championship on September 30th at the Rendezvous Hotel Perth, The Esplanade, Scarborugh.   If you want to attend please contact me …there are lots of good seats still available.

Take care and happy dancing in Budapest   ……………YES  !