Brief update by CJV

Hi everyone,

Daele has asked me to keep you all in the loop as she has a horrible virus  AND other than that, it is all good news .

The mini tornado that swept through Morley missed the studio ,thank goodness, but some of our pupils homes have been damaged. We wish them well and hope to see them again  at the studio as soon as repairs have been completed. Daele thanks everyone who emailed and phoned their concerns about the studio .  x ( that’s a bug free kiss )

A new Adult Beginners A  course is commencing on TUESDAY JULY 3rd from 7pm to 8pm :please contact us for a current Newsletter and Brochure.

Daele is nearly back to normal  ?  ?   OMG I will be in trouble for the ?  ?      and will blog soon

She is off to judge the National Championships in Canberra next weekend so I am most interested to see how she blogs on the laptop. Have a safe trip DLF.

BUT just what is she doing this very special weekend ?  ?   June 15th

Take care everyone