Bridal / Wedding Lessons


It’s great to have so many couples taking advantage of our teachers expertise and experience. Our main aim always is to ensure all couples avhieve the results that they want ; some couples want to do a great show and surprise their guests and other couples just want to dance around the floor without treading on one another’s toes. The choice is entirely up to the couple , but of course we have lots of suggestions if required.

The music for the couples first dance together as man and wife is very important and is the couples choice. Also, we have a large range of  suitable  music in our DFDS library.If couples wish to dance to a segue I can recommend a company who can join music at a very reasonable fee.

At the moment we have bridal couples dancing to a wide varietyof  music. It is so original and makes this part of the wedding personalised and different ( and sometimes fun )

I wish all the bridal couples currently learning at the studio the very best of luck ; we have couples travelling to Holland, England, Bali and Poland to get married ; have a safe trip and don’t forget to send the ” action shots ”  for our “Bridal Couple Corner”

See you  after the honeymoon at our Wednesday Night Social Class/Dance.