ZUMBA Classes

Hi everyone,

Well, as promised we have new exciting fitness classes commencing in 2 weeks at DFDS.

Come and join the “Euro Duo” in their new ZUMBA FUSION dance classes.

Zumba Fusion is a new, crazy combination of Zumba and Fitness and as seen on TV it is all about feeling the music and keeping fit.

With professional dance background the “Euro Duo” strive to make all classes energetic and fun.

They both enjoy entertaining pupils at the same time as giving them a super workout  !  !

Dessie and Jacki invite you to join them at DFDS on the below dates.

MONDAY          9.30am to 10.30am        commencing on   MONDAY  MAY  21st

THURSDAY     9.30am  to 10.30am       commencing on   THURSDAY  MAY  24th

Classes are $10 each per  hour.     Pay cash as you go.         Everyone Welcome.

For more information contact Dessie 0422 396 979  or  Jackie  0401 597 575    or myself

Come and give it a try and join the party that is ZUMBA   !

PS bring your water bottle and towel