Dubai River Cruise

Midnight    Fantastic cruise ,  the dhow was beautiful with interesting timber panelling; great meal on the top deck on a warm Arabian summer night. The city lights were interesting with the many tourist dhows all lit with different coloured lights sailing past.The dhow we were on is pictured .

Enjoyed the company of Bob and Jill from England also pictured. They were great fun.

The floorshow was FANTASTIC. and very hard to describe,  a guy dressed in very traditional elaborate attire with a big kind of skirt . The amazing part of  it all was that he spun very very fast for 10 minutes non stop with the skirt flying out ;  did not spot and transferred his weight all the time, and used hats and fans to make different shapes  which he threw off to the same spot very time .Towards the end his whole costume lit up ……very entertaining  we loved it. picture incl.

We leave very late tomorrow night so this is the final blog from Dubai.

We look forward to seeing you all in Perth.

Daele and Chris   xxoo