WDSF Moscow Championship Ends

Farewell to Moscow – Sunday I judges the WDSF World Latin Open Championship and again a fantastic event with the usual opening ceremony with flags etc and couples representing 29 countries. Everyone who is involved with Dancesport is aware of the problems at world association level but I will not be contacting on that on my blog.

As I said earlier it was great to catch up with old colleagues who were also judging, nice also to meet other international judges – Hi to France, Finland, Netherlands and Bulgaria.

The hospitality was great from day 1 and the organiser Galina Gulay extended a VIP pass to Chris for the event and included him in everything. At the conclusion of the championships we made a dash to the airport only to be advised that our 1am flight was delayed to 2.30am OMG! We departed at 3am and arrived in Dubai at 7.30am, Torchure!!

We were picked up and taken straight to the hotel … the suite is fabulous!

Chris had a quick swim whilst I unpacked the Russian souvenirs!! Had a quick nap and walked to the Dubai mall, Fantastic Plus! Shopped and CV did his gold winning ice skating routine on the Dubai skating rink in the mall ? See photo.

Watched the musical fountain show and strolled back to the hotel and had  dinner at a great Italian restaurant. Forgot to mention the weather is a glorious 26 degrees – HEAVEN.


Love to staff and pupils at DFDS and MC, AC, PC, SC, JC, GV, JV.

Goodnight from Dubai