Bridal Couples and Parties

Hi to all those couples tying the knot
Please don’t leave it too late to arrange tuition for your first dance as man and wife. Whether you just want 1 lesson or 29 lessons , (that’s up to you) you will really enjoy your Bridal Dance much more if you both know what steps you are dancing. The Bridal Dance is becoming more and more popular and couples go beyond the traditional Waltz and it is really great fun to teach couples all types of different dances and figures. We can ensure that your dance is original, entertaining and most of all enjoyable and attainable for you ; the Bride and Groom.
Check our Bridal page for all details and our reasonable rates. No contracts and deposits. Just pay cash as you go.
Phone me on 0412 95 46 59 to make an appointment or for more details
Take care
PS   Have you chosen your music yet ?