Happy Holidays Cha Cha Cha

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and now ready to celebrate New Years Eve  !  !

I had the pleasure of, once again, adjudicating at the Australian Championships in Melbourne  on December 10th and 11th.
This also incorporated the WDSF Championships and with 22 nations and our top Australian couples competing it was Dancesport at its very best. A truly exciting event.
I also attended the WDSF Congress on Thursday and the Gala Ball during the evening. A very enjoyable day overall and a wonderful opportunity to socialize with fellow coaches and judges from overseas and interstate.

We had a great year at DFDS with a very busy and rewarding last week  of break up parties and preparations for our final events.

We had 7 hours of examinations on December 16th : all candidates danced well , looked great and all achieved a highly commended pass. Congratulations  !  Well done to  all candidates and partners.

Saturday December 17th was our Family Christmas Cabaret and Medal Presentations and was the “finale” of a very successful 2011. With Christmas decos already in place , the North Pole was built ready for Santa to arrive and the tables were set with candles and festive trimmings for another “sold out ” Cabaret. Most guests and all the staff wore “Something Christmassy”  as per the theme. We had lots of fun with lucky spot prizes , table games, audience participation and floorshows, BUT Santa got lost and took absolutely ages to arrive at the North Pole………. HE LOST HIS GPS  !   !  ……………………….. Thanks to Rudolph who came to his rescue.
Rudolph the Blue Nosed Reindeer , (he had the flu) has not appeared at DFDS for many years and he was indeed given a rousing welcome.
Other guests who could not assist Santa  were Susie Quatro ( just gorgeous) Frosty the Snowman (forgot his lines) Mrs Claus (too busy posing)  Leilani,  Frangapani  and Renae, 3 hula girls (forgot their steps)  Hawaiin Warrior (spear broke) King and Queen of Honolulu (too royal for their own good) Star of Hawaii Five O (bad hair day) Medicine Man (Forgot his Panadol) But all ended well with the usual “happy ending ” at DFDS
Ti s the night before Christmas
Not a sound in the den
Nobody stirred
Not even a………………………….?
Thanks to all the performers   you were truly fantastic . xo
A great night was had by all with the Medal Presentations concluding a very happy night. For me, as at all of our functions, the most enjoyable  part is witnessing  pupils of all ages dancing together and enjoying one another’s  company and the music.

I never cease to wonder at the pure enjoyment that dancing can bring to everyone.

Monday night was DFDS staff party ; Teachers, assistants and family all joined me for a get together – No dancing – Lots of talking and laughing and eating and just a little drinking. Thank you staff for your outstanding efforts and support in 2011.

Thank you everyone for your support this year. I look forward to your continued attendance  at DFDS in 2012.
We have new courses and classes commencing from MONDAY JANUARY 16th 2012 when the studio reopens full time.
See next blog for all details.
Take care and kind regards