Examination Day

Congratulations to our many exam candidates who successfully passed their exams on Sunday April 17th. Everyone received highly commended passes and all looked very smart  ;  big  thanks to all the teachers who partnered them. It was a long day and whilst we were all busy from 11am to 6.30pm it was the examiner who just had to keep on and on and on. I know how much is involved as I had the pleasure of examining last weekend , of course at another studio, for 5 hours. It is hard work but very rewarding.

At our exams we had young children, the youngest being 6 years of age, taking their very first exam and the highest exam on the day was a Oscar Award in the Standard style. The excitement ran high during the whole session and carried over to the following Thursday when pupils received their report forms. The knowledge that there is new figures and dances to be learnt for the next exam also adds to the fun of it all. AND perhaps being on school holidays added to the joy !  just a bit.

All medals will be presented at our Family Cabaret and Medal Presentation Night on Saturday May 28th  an IRISH NIGHT.. to be sure, to  be sure

Thanks for all the emails and to those many many former pupils who would like the early days of DFDS on my website. I will do it and yes I will call it  ” The Good Old Days ‘ as indeed they were.   Time   !      or lack of  it.

We have new exam classes commencing for adults so phone me now for more information.

Take care and  keep dancing