New Computer finally!

I have had a few problems with the computer and blogging but now all is okay again and thank goodness much much faster. I received an email to remind me that I did not comment on the functions that we had at the end of last year. Sorry , here it is very briefly.

Our examination session, which went for 6 hours ,was on Friday December 17th and all candidates danced really well and received highly commended passes. After the exams we set up for a sell out crowd for our Family Christmas Cabaret and Medal Presentation which was on Saturday December 18th. The theme , of course, was Christmas , lots of decorations, lights , tables decked with holly. THE TREE and a fabulous mountainous range of alps that led up to the North Pole and Santa’s house. Rudolph was there along with Esmeralda who on this occasion dressed up as Mrs Claus.

We encourage our guests to wear¬† something Christmassy and indeed most of them did. The staff excelled themselves with their attire and all looked very impressive and festive, especially the Christmas Angel ! ! The 2 floorshows were very well received , all the children who had taken an exam on the previous day were involved and really enjoyed dancing to a big audience. Our skit was Santa’s Party and his VIP guests were the Blues Brothers, ( 2 very very talented young ladies ! ! ) Jerry Lee Lewis, The Village People, Dame Margot Fonteyn and Rudolph Nureyef, Queen Elizabeth II and Santa himself who plays a really mean tambourine. It was musical, noisy and the audience joined in and fun was had by all. Twas the night before Christmas , Not a sound in the flat, Nobody stirred, Not even a rat !!!!! Oh Dear. !

Moving right along .. With non stop dancing, table games and lots of lucky spot prizes it was very rewarding to see everyone of all ages joining in and having fun dancing. We closed with the presentation of medals and it was interesting to note that we had young children attaining their very first Grade One and a young mum who passed the highest award in the DMIA syllabus, the Oscar Award.

Congratulations to everyone, you all looked terrific and danced your personal best. This should keep CV the EPA very happy.

Let’s get dancing and see you soon Daele