DFDS full steam ahead

Blogging, Blogging so much is happening at the studio I don’t have time to Blog !

Exam classes have continued with an overflow of bronze examination candidates , so if you would like to attain a Bronze Medal with the Dance Masters International Association Inc please contact me as we will commence another class very soon.

The Bridal couples are all in full swing as they prepare for their wedding dance : had an interesting email yesterday from Robyn and Will.

They were in the studio having lessons at the same time as another bridal couple, they had never really met but were married on the same day. By coincidence they were having photos taken at the same park; they had a great chat, introductions of both bridal parties, photos with one another; they think it is a lucky omen and they are all having coffee next month ! ! Congrats .

Have a corporate class next month;  Cha Cha Cha is the chosen dance which is great as CCC is a fun bright dance. The timing is a bit difficult at first but once pupils understand and master it the dance is very enjoyable.

The commencing dates  for  the Zumba and Burn the Floor Bootcamps classes are fast approaching so check out the website. Tell your friends and don’t miss the first class.

CV the PA will be pleased with me. ( He really does think my New Years Resolution was to do One Blog a Week  ! )

I forgot to thank my helpers who assisted with the studio spring clean , although we did have pizza and drinks afterwards, and thanks to the guys who did the front garden ; one had a new hedge trimmer and so the shrubs are all, you guessed it, ground level. ! ! vroom  vroom.

Also haven’t written about our Christmas Family Cabaret and Medal Presentation Night which was on December 18th last year.

That can wait till the next time.

Have a great weekend and happy dancing