Surprise Dance Lesson for Wedding Guests

Wedding dance lessons and couples make us laugh sometimes. We don’t laugh AT the pupils, just with them. Last week I had a phone call about a couple who had previously learn’t their bridal dance routine at our studio. The bride’s parents had bought a Gift certificate from us so hence, a bit reluctantly ,they came to learn their wedding dance.

I won’t call them by their real names so let’s call them John and Sarah.(I’m sure my relatives won’t mind) Neither of them really seemed that keen on dancing and approached the lessons more like a chore than something really enjoyable. John, in particular, was very serious and business like and stated that dancing was not really his cuppa tea. The dance was a Rumba with a few twirls etc and they handled it very well.

Their last lesson was even more subdued than ever and following our usual good wishes they departed .Their teacher voiced her concerns to me and hoped that they would lighten up a bit on the night. Well, they sure did. The bride’s mother phoned me after the wedding to say thanks and to let us know that the dance was a huge success.

Evidently John and Sarah did exactly what their teacher told them to do, they really went for it. So much so , that they received a standing ovation and then repeated the dance. ! ! Another standing ovation took place and then , this is the good bit, John invited everyone onto the floor and they taught their guests the Rumba ! !

I am soooooo glad that it was successful but I would have much preferred it if John had handed out my business cards! Just half joking.
Everybody should Tango NOW.