Wedding Dance Lessons Time for the Bride and Groom to kick up their heels !

Take note of the date. This is a first and may not ever happen again.. 2 Blogs within a 24 hour period. YES ! ! With Chris’s nagging still ringing in my ears I hope to silence him for at least a week.( I truly hope so as I am off to the eastern states to teach and lecture for 4 days )

What prompted me to break this record was my comments in my earlier blog about the wedding dance lessons. Over the many years I have been teaching dancing it is great to see how the bridal dance has evolved from couples doing the same dance, as in waltz, to dancing to a tune that is really special to them, So hence the name change from Bridal Waltz to Bridal Dance or Wedding Dance as some couples call it.

I love the path that this important part of a wedding has taken. It is more personalized and the sky’s the limit and our teachers are qualified and experienced to suit every couples individual requirements.

This is the bride and groom’s special day and we understand the importance of a couples first dance together as man and wife has to be exactly what they want. We assist couples with all aspects of making their wedding dance lessons and all relevant details enjoyable and we get great results.

In closing, I remind all couples who are soon to be married, Don’t forget the Video or DVD of your wedding, it will be something that you ,your children and grand children will look at in the future and do you really want to be stumbling around the dance floor treading on each others toes ?

I thought not , so book your wedding dance lessons NOW