At long last we have another Daele Fraser Ballroom Dancing Studio blog update ! !

Our exam candidates on April 18th were successful and all achieved a Highly Commended Pass. It was a great exam session which gave pupils, friends and family an opportunity to catch up with everyone and support all the candidates.

Excitement always runs high on exam days and the 18th was no exception and an unexpected arrival added to the celebrations. Two of our teachers became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy : Nicholas. He is now a regular visitor to the studio and although he’s not dancing yet he does sing along to the music. !

May 29th was our Family Cabaret and Medal Presentations and as usual we had a full house.

The theme was Gypsy Night : the studio was extensively decorated to suit ( caravan and all ) and most people wore some type of Gypsy attire. With floorshows, dancing for everyone, games and heaps of prizes the night whizzed by and we concluded with the very important presentation of medals. Gypsy Rose Lee herself dropped in for a surprise visit and a wonderful happy time was had by all. It is so nice to see people of all ages dancing together and enjoying each others company via the common bond of ballroom dancing.

DMIA’s Dance Pageant was held on July 25th and we had about 30 competitors compete in the very popular medalists events. It is always great fun and our studio members did very well and brought home lots of medals.

It’s that time of year again when wedding dance lessons are very popular. Currently at the studio we have bridal couples doing a very wide variety of dances to some unusual tunes. It’s original and great fun.

Our exam candidates are preparing for our next exam session on September 25th.

Until next time , Happy Dancing ..AND if you can’t dance, you don’t know what you’re missing.